Far Northeast Arts Network

The NCAS Vocal Music Department is made up of one middle school choir and five diverse high school ensembles: Beginning Women’s Choir, Men’s Choir, Mixed Choir, and the Montbellas (Advanced Women’s Vocal Ensemble). Our ensembles are unique in the fact that the students are very involved in the creative process and we tailor our performances to meet the needs and interests of our students, school, and community. We utilize music as a tool to convey meaning, to build awareness and advocacy, and to make change. This culture and approach to music has gained us much attention in the greater Denver area, landing us diverse performances opportunities centered around the things we are most passionate about.

We sing a variety of genres and take opportunities to collaborate with local musicians and bands whenever possible. In addition to incredible performances opportunities like singing off-campus at radio stations, fundraising events, choral showcases, festivals, and collaborative school events, we travel outside of Denver as often as we can. In January 2018, we took students to Nashville, Tennessee, where we got to tour music universities, sit in on professional ensemble and college classes, create music and lay down tracks at Take 6’s professional recording studio, and attend several songwriter rounds and live performances.